Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Album Review

This album is a plain and simple monster of records.

This album is just a plain and simple ‘monster’ of classics.

Linkin Park’s finest moment screams attitude, emotion and Chester Bennington’s angst. Every track is a 100% bonafide KILLER. There are so many standout moments throughout it’s entirity we are treated to some of the largest hooks in rock history. ‘One Step Closer’ actually was in my top 20 most listened to Spotify streams of 2020..still after 20 years.

If you were to leave this in yer face collection of songs and come back to them in 5 years time they would still sound fresh.

Call their music Nu Metal, skater rock, alternative hip hop..whatever your preference – this is just one of the finest modern rock albums of all time.

One of the few classic rock albums that i still own on Vinyl, Cassette and CD


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