Justice Justice Album Review

This edgy electronic music album from Justice completely re-wrote the music production text book and failed to accept a genre pigeon hole.

This is an album that could have only ever been written by the French

Justice’s self titled first album has attitude in truckloads. Anyone else who attempted writing this kind of music at the time risked falling by the wayside miserably.

This is a sound that I love so much and the French excel at. This production masterpiece features the craziest digital distortion, stripped back (but filthy) chords throughout its entirety and just that distinct sound that is so native to their land. The guys are renowned for their use of hundreds of clips from other artists work, twisted, filtered, reversed and crunched into such obscurity that they very rarely require sample clearance – this to me is one of the many genius aspects of electronic music.

From the sinister opening chords of ‘Genesis’ this album squeezes every last ounce out of the equipment used to produce it.

In 2003 when the Roule and Crydamore record labels stopped releasing, it left a huge hole that Ed Banger records filled and then in 2007 these guys once again brought the French sound into the mainstream. Their subsequent 2 original albums have also stood up 100% against this and we often use them as a benchmark in studio recording sessions.

This debut album Is funky, it’s noisy, it’s fun, it’s moody, it just doesn’t give a fuck what you think of it.

Absolute hands down, 100% classic. Get the BBQ lit and crank this up!

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