Def Leppard Hysteria Album Review

If ever the term “All killer, no filler” applied to a recorded collection of music, this album lays claims to that title at its very highest level.
Anyone who has ever recorded and produced a rock band in a recording studio environment will agree with me 100% when I say that they really don’t come much bigger production wise.

There’s a fascinating documentary about the making of this album and the influence that Mutt Lange had on the production. You can hear the colossal recording budget in every massive snare hit and the vocal harmonies and layering throughout are just crazy.

There are few other 80’s rock albums that come close to the sheer vastness of this production.

If you’re not a fan, please indulge me and stick a pair of good headphones on and listen to this very loudly in its entirety, I would love to hear your viewpoint. If you are a fan, step inside again and refresh yourself on the magnitude of these songs.

Absolute beast of the highest order.

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