Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole Album Review

In my humble opinion Dig Your Own Hole is one of, if not ‘the’ finest breakbeat & electronica albums ever written. From the very moment you are slapped across the face with Block Rockin Beats, it’s a case of strapping yourself in for 1hr and 3minutes of twisted carnage.

There’s a completely different level of filthy nastiness going on with some of the beats in this album, and studio knob crunching that almost goes a step beyond the acceptable. How they get their tracks so big has baffled me for years.

Everyone has their own favourite Chems album and I have a few that are seriously close, Born In The Echoes is just incredible and a close second for me.

I said this recently in a post and I’ll stick to it. In my opinion the finest electronic music act of the past 20 years. Not many can appeal to the masses whilst still remaining current, cutting edge and interesting. You will always find something new with each fresh listen. The mark of a good act.

Two heroes of my world.

Have a great Saturday evening folks

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