Nightmares On Wax Smokers Delight Album Review

For those who are just joining the party, in exactly 38 days i hit the big five O and to celebrate the fact, I’m dropping a favourite album from my life in music, every evening at 6pm. There are thousands of more obscure albums that will sadly not see this 50 as I want to make this about the heavy hitters all the way.

This will my 30th year actively working 100% in the music industry, and have so many people to thank for their help over the years.

Anyhow…today’s slab of perfectly formed plastic is a low slung trip hop classic.

This album brings back so many amazing afterparty memories for me. Sitting in smoke filled gaffs at 7am with the new best friends you met for the first time 12 hours previously, everything all seemed to make so much sense and the answers to some of life’s biggest questions were so eloquently answered.

From the off and the sublime ‘Nights Introlude’ right through to the parting shot of the tribal masterpiece ‘Gambia Via Vagator Beach’ this album never pretends to be anything other than it is – a relaxing, downtempo trip for all those who like to get seriously lost within their music.

Listening to this album is an experience the likes of which you rarely come into contact with these days. Each song from its reggae structures to the dubby trip hop flavours is a personal interpretation of previous music forms. Some of the layers and melodies are just so hypnotic and lock you into a dreamy world of imagination.

Many people prefer his second album ‘Carboot Soul’ as its a bit more musical, but for me this one does it for the brilliant memories attached and the lifelong friends made.

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