The Cult Electric Album Review

This album kicks absolute balls on every level and every track is an complete powerhouse!

This was the prominent soundtrack to my 1987 and still to this day I marvel at its raw power.

This is my own personal favourite Cult album.

Electric is possibly not the most generally popular of their catalogue but for me it holds so many memories. I first bought this on cassette at a time in my life when i was beginning to experiment with alcohol and growing an attitude. I’m pretty sure this cassette was played hundreds of times over the period of a couple of years, at annoyingly loud levels. I was just mesmerised by the edginess of their music and the songs on this album made me feel like I could take on the world (after a 2 litre of Olde English obviously)

There is no other band similar to The Cult, there is just so much gusto in their music coupled with some of the most powerful rock music hooks ever written. I still come back to this album a lot in times when i need a release and a trip back to simpler teenage times.

Sonic Temple is possibly a stronger album production wise but for me this is about the memories held within this collection.

Enjoy your evening

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