Motörhead Ace Of Spades Album Review

When I was 13 I sent off £5 in postal orders to join the official Motörhead fan club. I waited on the post man every day for what seemed to me like years until one day the red van pulled up and the padded envelope landed into my excited hands.
For my £5 i received a patch, a newsletter, a certificate and a brochure of cool merchandise. Needless to say in a further 3 weeks the post man arrived with the most amazing silver ring in the shape of the demonic war pig that had become an iconic part of their artwork and persona.

I thought I was the absolute dogs bollocks that day and part of an elite chosen few.

At that stage in my life I was too young to appreciate Lemmy & crew for their debaucherous antics and took this album purely on its face value of being full of power, attitude and most importantly for a 13 year old, noise!

They certainly weren’t the tightest band in terms of musicianship but that’s what made them all the more special to me as I got older and started to realise what life was all about.

Lemmy will always be one of the coolest bastards to have ever graced a stage.

This album rocks on so many levels.


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