Sade Love Deluxe Album Review

On a previous day’s album i mentioned the fact of not having many crushes throughout life. If it is possible to develop a crush on a voice then this is such.

This collection of songs takes it to another level for me. I’m actually starting to get worried about leaving albums out so i’m already into artists that should probably be in my top 10.

This particular album makes me thankful for having ears and relatively unscathed hearing.

This lady’s voice is like the most luxurious of chocolate, like the softest velvet, like a warm breeze coming off the sea as you walk along feeling the sand between your toes. Get the idea?

Today’s album is quite possibly one of the finest R&B / Soul albums ever written. The vocals and gentle harmonies on this album make the hair stand on back of my neck and never fail to give me goosebumps. Many Sade fans overlook this album for her more chart friendly Diamond Life and Stronger Than Pride, and thats understandable. This is just a level further.

All of her other albums have one or two stand out tracks that everyone knows but for me this has always held an extra special level of sultriness and song structure throughout “No Ordinary Love’ is such a beautifully uplifting song. ‘Like A Tattoo’ uses some of the most subtle Spanish style guitar with complementary piano and gorgeous laid back chords. Every song on this album is a complete winner on every level.

These songs have a way of building and picking you up without you even realising what’s going on, with every listen you pick up a subtle emotion that you hadn’t noticed previously, maybe thats down to the production, lets not forget that she has a kick ass band around her also.

‘Pearls’ is still one of the most beautifully emotional songs ever written. If you have never heard this song or maybe forgotten about it, please please please take 5 minutes with some headphones, close your eyes and build a movie in your head around the words within. I defy anyone to not feel some emotion.

A totally stunning album on every level.

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