Depeche Mode Songs Of Faith And Devotion Album Review

What more can you say about Dave Gahan, Martin Gore & co other than they are a musical collective of absolute geniuses, through musicianship, songwriting and stage presence, the entire 360.

I am very privileged to have seen them a couple of times and have been completely awestruck by the show they put on.

During the 80’s i loved their music but was too young to appreciate the entire package, it’s only as you get older and follow someone like Gahan’s story with his highs and lows that you build a real connection.

Over the years i have taken entire weeks of bingeing the DM catalogue and getting completely lost in a wall of sound. Their music has the power to pick you up and help you do a lot of soul searching and give you such inspiration.

There will never be another band in the world like these guys.

Following their previous and absolutely massive album ‘Violator’ was always going to be difficult task, but the addition of a whole heap more dimensions to the production, crunchy beats and sublime new textures took this album on a completely different ride. ‘Condemnation’ is filled with spirituality and hope, while ‘Walking In My Shoes’ is one of the few songs that will give me goosebumps until the day i die, regardless of how many times i hear it. ‘Higher Love’ is bigger than God himself while ‘In Your Room’ has the power to completely remove the top of your head.

Another absolute masterpiece.

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