Stevie Wonder Innervisions Album Review

This to me is Stevie Wonder’s finest 44 minutes and one of the most stunning records ever written, on so many levels.

It always blew me away to think that he was only 23 when ‘Innervisions’ was released, this to me has the maturity of an album that was written by someone twice or more his age. Everything within this beautifully organic record just slots in to place so perfectly and there’s such a wonderful air of soulful perfection in his voice that Wonder makes sound effortless throughout it’s entirety. The messages within songs such as ‘Living For The City’ and ‘Jesus Children Of America’ are still so relevant..48 years on.

The connection between musicianship, songwriting and production throughout this entire album is just jaw dropping.

Records like this stand the test of time. PLEASE listen to this album tonight if you haven’t done so in a while, or haven’t ever before.

One of the most spiritually uplifting records that i own and keep coming back to time after time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

Have a lovely evening.

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