Primal Scream Screamadelica Album Review

1991 ranks up there as one of my maddest years. This album sums up so much about the friendship, unity and afterparty culture of a time period that remains my most precious. The rave scene was starting to properly explode, rival football fans were, for some unknown reason, liking each other, club level bigotry was taking a sabatical…and everything in the world was just beautifully coloured and perfect…until Tuesdays.

Screamadelica was the benchmark wind down and take the edge off album for me and my mates. Someone who has never rode the back of a 3 day post rave gaff gathering may overlook the journey that this collection of music takes you on, and see it purely on it’s face value of song after song, not moi. There are hidden depths in these songs that only dogs and ravers can hear.

As i’m sure everyone already knows, our dearly departed hero of electronica, Andrew Weatherall was the key figure in the production of this album and it just (pardon the pun) ‘screams’ The Guv’Nor and his beautifully low slung, analogue Balearic mastery. I think my friends will join in my sentiments when i say, Rest in peace you complete and utter genius.

At 10 minutes and 19 seconds, ‘Come Together’ goes on, and on, and on, and on, and builds to a level of locked in, hypnotic euphoria that goes beyond anything i’ve ever heard since. To then follow a track like ‘Come Together’ with ‘Loaded’ has the power to completely peel open the top of your head.

This album has everything i could ever require in a body of music, highs, lows, twists & turns, funk, depth and utter charm.

Every now and again i believe that anyone who was a Primal Scream fan back in the 90’s and is still in reasonable control of their main faculties, should take a little refresher course in this me, it will do wonders for your heart and soul.

This album is as close to out and out perfection as you will ever get. I actually found myself getting quite emotional wording this particular review and listening (again) whilst writing.

I would genuinely love you to take some time this Saturday evening and reacquaint yourself with this beautiful indie masterpiece.

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