Daft Punk Homework Album Review

This iconic big daddy of the dance-floor, is straight out of my physical DJ box, back from a time when i would lug around large back breaking aluminium cases filled with big pieces of round plastic, some headphones and some vodka (for cleaning the records obviously)

These two French chaps completely tore up the text book on what was acceptable for electronic music producers in the 90’s and set it on fire. This was such a brilliant time for music, the big beat scene was beginning to properly kick in, The Chemical Brothers released ‘Dig Your Own Hole’ on the same year and music was back to being seriously cutting edge again. Dance-floors were properly going off to the gear within these grooves.

There are 16 tracks on ‘Homework’ and i’m pretty confident that i’ve played every single one in either a nightclub, bar or festival at some stage since it’s release 24 years ago.
It’s very rare to find an entire album of music receiving such heavy rotation from a massively varied cross section of DJs.

House DJs were dropping these tunes, techno DJs were dropping these tunes, hip hop DJs were dropping these tunes, commercial DJs were dropping these tunes, boy racers were blasting these tunes in car parks.

If a person has never licked their own eyebrows on a sweaty dance floor, or punched the ceiling of an underground venue, there’s a very strong chance that they won’t truly appreciate 50% of this album. There is a LOT of noise everywhere you turn, that i believe can only truly be appreciated at very loud levels.

A monumentaly groundbreaking album and a pivotal moment in worldwide electronic music. Very hard to top.

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