Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon Album Review

I’m stating quite categorically that Pink Floyd are the greatest band in musical history. This might actually be bordering on being an obvious statement or might come up against some arguments but I really don’t care, it is my firm personal belief.

What more can you say about this collection of music that hasn’t already been said many times before over the years. Very few albums in history have created such a stir over such a prolonged period of time as ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ I would require 10,000+ words to describe this record and it’s multi layered songs in any depth.

Chances are you may have seen this simple rainbow prism artwork once or twice over the years. Saying that this is probably one the most iconic sleeves in a lifetime of music would be an understatement.

I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan for 30 years now, although I must say my depth of insight into what they stood for has steadily grown over that time as my life experiences and knowledge of world events have developed. Up until a few years ago I owned what I believed to be one of the finest collections of Pink Floyd albums. I donated most of my own collection of rarities to my shop racks a few years ago when Belfast Underground launched its new store, just to give the shop a good kickstart of quality rare titles…I regret this quite a lot now, but on the other hand some other proper fans have now been able to enjoy these incredible albums in all their glory.

This album is effectively one big 43 minute song. A journey of which has very rarely ever been created since. Songs that like you can actually feel throughout every fibre in your soul.

The Dark Side of the Moon’s themes were written with many key universal struggles such as greed, love, death, and growing older in mind and these issues still remain of universal importance to this day.

Ultimately this album is the most full and complete representation of Pink Floyd and the important messages that they conveyed in their music.
Without doubt one of the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning on multiple formats and many different versions. Pink Floyd created the absolute platinum standard of psychedelic rock legacies with this body of music.

There is always something new to hear when I listen to this album, the deep sonic tapestry leads me down a different emotional path every time. This album is a landmark in the music industry and is a hallmark of rock, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock.

I have a couple of very dear old friends Shane and his bro Briann who are even bigger Floyd fanatics than me and would be a definition of the term ‘superfan’. This one goes out to these guys.

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