Kate Bush 50 Words For Snow Album Review

Like the finest of wines this lady’s voice only gets better over the years and her aged huskiness completely blows me away on this album. I consume a LOT of music but there’s barely a week goes by that i don’t listen to a song from this masterpiece.

‘Misty’ is 13 minutes of pure, beautiful genius and one of the finest songs ever written, in my humble opinion. If you skip through a song like this, you run the risk of overlooking it’s brilliance. Everything about this song is perfection.

I love music that makes us question and reorganise a lot of stuff that goes on inside our heads. Nothing else does that for me. The power to uplift, console or support. This album does that.

Check Out In Full / Purchase 50 Words for Snow (2018 Remaster) [VINYL]

Check Out In Full / Purchase 50 Words for Snow CD (2018 Remaster)

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