Radiohead OK Computer Album Review

Radiohead are quite possibly the most unique rock band in history. OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ are in my opinion two of the most beautiful albums ever written.

I remember when this album came out in 1997, Belfast DJ & producer hero David Holmes giving an interview with UK Dance publication Mixmag stating this as one of his favourite records of the decade.

While Kid A (48% fave of two) is such a softly balanced, electronically introspective masterpiece, OK Computer (52% fave of two) does something spiritual for me every time I listen to it. There’s just an edginess and power to the songs and some really big memorable moments. I love both of these albums immensely.

I could easily go into a song by song breakdown of the many chord progressions that I love so much on this album and the unique way that Thom Yorke sews his vocal harmonies into the fabric of the music, but I’d need a couple of hours and would risk boring you to absolute death.

There are a few major moments on this album though which really must be mentioned.
‘Exit Music’ although potentially bordering on the Morose for some people, has the power to reach deep inside your soul and transport you to the best (or worst) area in your imagination. The way this track drops half way though with its deep synth is unlike any other track on any album I own.

‘The Tourist’ is quite possibly one of the most beautifully uplifting rock songs ever.

This is all before you even start talking about tracks such as ‘Airbag’ ‘Paranoid Android’ and the massive ‘Karma Police’

If you’re not a fan of Radiohead, I urge you to take a little bit of time and listen to this album in its entirety.

One of THE best albums EVER!

Have a lovely evening.

Radiohead OK Computer

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