Fleetwood Mac Rumours Album Review

For a brief moment in time, the fact of this album being so blatantly obvious for me as a classic almost got it left out of this review section, for literally 4 seconds. I very quickly slapped myself around the face and then stuck my head in a bucket of cold water.

Whoever would have predicted that this album would feature in my classic album category, It’s about as blatantly obvious as night following day, me having a cheeky bag of crisps on the way home from work, bears in woods, Pope’s hats, DFS sales – you getting the drift?

1977 was a damn fine year for album releases. David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ Sex Pistols ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’ Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’ Blondie ‘Blondie’ The Jam ‘In The City’ and whole boat load of Grade A titles were unleashed in that very special year.

There was one however that overshadowed them all, and still does to this day.

The fact that this stunning collection of songs has now sold over 40 Million copies worldwide and still continues to sell on a colossal scale is testament to the beauty and inoffensive nature of the songs within. Most households who have purchased a new turntable in the past 10 years are more or less guaranteed to head straight for a copy of Rumours as one of their first purchases / re-purchases. it’s just such a great talking point and ice breaker at dinner parties as everyone will have a point of view or favourite song. Everything about this collection of music is so effortlessly luxurious, from the heavenly song-writing, through to the very final audio mastering at the end to add such sparkle to the analogue production and get it sounding so big.
I defy anyone over the age of 40 to listen to ‘The Chain’ and not think of legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker (if you know, you know)

There is absolutely no point in me giving you a track by track rundown of this album, there are so many monumentally big and memorable moments throughout. All you need to know is that this is just a perfect album on every possible level. From the combination of songwriting duties carried out by all the band (even Mick himself got a credit for ‘The Chain’) to the sublime vocal harmonising throughout. And my ex-girlfriend Stevie sings a few songs on it too.

This is quite literally one of the most important records ever written and the absolute benchmark for music in all of its forms. If you can’t appreciate, relate to or enjoy at least one song on this album, your soul may have somehow detached itself from your body.

I’m away now to pour a glass of Lidl’s most expensive Rioja, light a couple of candles, and marvel at this album once more, for old time’s sake, I will see you on the other side.

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