Reasons To Not Give Up On Your Music

In this post I chat about how I miss the days when life seemed so simple and everything felt fresh and exciting.

My first entry into the world of music recording was sitting in front of the telly, eating sugar puffs and holding this exact model of cassette recorder out in front of me, right up to the TV speakers, whilst pressing play and record together at the same time in order to tape Blondie on Top Of The Pops. It was a skilled operation carefully trying to time the pressing of the stop button to finish the recording just before the crowd cheered and Dave Lee Travis thanked the group at the end of the song.

I never truly mastered it 100% but I just remember the feeling of pride that each of those recordings gave me when listening back to them, knowing that I had created unique snapshots of time that were personal to me (and each friend and family member who I tortured with them)

I also used that tape recorder to record myself singing (badly) along to some of our family favourites such as Boney M, Glen Campbell, The Beatles, ABBA and any of the hundreds of records that got major rotation in our living room.

I never for one second imagined that I’d still be doing the same thing, 40 years on.

The basics remain the same, whether you use a £5 cassette recorder, a £30 pair of turntables, or a million pound facility. Talent is talent regardless of the system you use to get yourself heard. It’s about taking the plunge and doing it. If you can sing, play an instrument, DJ, Rap or have any musical talent, get yourself recorded today, upload it online and send it to someone. If someone clicks the 👎 button on YouTube, that’s their own personal insecurities showing through and is not a reflection on you. Screw them.

If you don’t feel you’re good enough, practice some more, watch YouTube tutorial videos, develop your skill..but most importantly.. keep at it.
Not everyone is going to be Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg or David Guetta, but we all have the power to make a tiny little impact on the world with what talent we have.

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