Review – The Prodigy – Breathe (Liam H and Rene LaVice Re-Amp) feat RZA

Prodigy fans the world over went into a complete spin when front man Keith Flint passed away back in 2019. One of the pioneering rave bands, born in the early 90's and who had carved out such an amazing career over the 30 years since, had lost a huge chunk of it's existence. Most seemed to think that it was the end and they couldn't possibly go on now - me, i had different feelings….

What a lot of people didn’t seem to appreciate at the time was that Liam Howlett is the creative genius behind the musical side of The Prodigy. He writes the hooks that fuel the fire, he engineers the music and produces / mixes it all together to create what you hear in their records. Yes Keith was an amazing figurehead and a frontman of epic proportions, but when it comes to the audio..Howlett is on another level.

So for me, it was only a matter of time before the powers that be would arrange a resurfacing of music and teasers of forthcoming new material.

What better way to storm back onto the public stage than to drop one of their most iconic tracks from the massive “Fat Of The Land” album and draft in the uber assertive legend RZA from hip hop heroes Wu-Tang Clan.

This, in my humble opinion is a match made in sheer punch you in the face attitude, heaven. The dirty slowed down hip hop beat retains some of the original glory, but adds such a super grungy beat and the lyrics are edgy and in protest to the current world climate. The track also pays tribute to Keith Flint by including some very small snippets from his vocal on the original track, which was a lovely touch.

There’s a lot of subtle touches to this record and it grows on you with every listen.

Myself and a lot of other fans around the world are just very happy that the legacy will continue and are very excited to see what happens now for the future.

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