Watch Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters unedited interview with director John Edginton

Watch a very relaxed version of Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters chat about his friend and band co-founder Syd Barrett.

This relaxed interview from 2001 with a very chilled version of Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters, discusses his relationship with co-founder Syd Barrett, how the band came together and subsequently how they reluctantly had to let Barrett go from the band due to the further development of his schizophrenia.

The interview took place at Abbey Road studios by director John Edginton. There are some lovely stories, such as Michael Stipe blanking Waters backstage at an R.E.M concert, to then finish his show with an acapella version of a Floyd song.

This makes for a very laid back interview in which John Edginton allows a lot of space around his questions and doesnt unnecessarily fill space with chat for the sake of it.

Waters speaks very fondly of Syd Barrett during this interview. Barrett was the original frontman and main song writer for Pink Floyd, renowned for his strong English accent and using strong literary influences in his song writing.

Barrett left music and lived pretty much as a recluse until his death in 2006 from pancreatic cancer.

Early Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett classic.

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