Shaun Ryder chats about his Covid battle

Happy Monday's singer chats about his suspcians of having long covid.

Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder appeared on BBC’s popular Breakfast show on Wed 14th July to chat about his encounter with Covid 19 and his suspected development of long covid. Shaun said “Every now and then i wake up with no energy, and i spend the day asleep” The 58 year old singer now thinks he may be suffering from long covid, which has lingering affects on the body for some time after contracting the virus.

Screenshot from BBC Breakfast program

He contracted the virus at around the same time as his daughters, who had both caught the virus but showed no symptoms. Shaun said “I haven’t been told that i have it, but it just comes out of nowhere, i’m fine then boom”

Video from London Recordings YouTube channel.

The singer who’s band played a pivitol role in the development of the Madchester scene back in the early 90’s appeared very sincere about the possibilities of having contracted the long lingering variety of the virus which has affected millions of people around the world.

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