Ex Positiva MD Jason Ellis joins Armada Music as Senior A&R Director

After a 20 year run at the legendary label, signing some of the biggest artists in history, Ellis steps up to take creative control at one of the most forward thinking electronic labels on the planet.

Jason Ellis is a name that many who have follwed dance music over the past 20 years may not be familar with, yet he is one individual that has been so incredibly important in the world of commercial dance music.

He played a massive role in the development of crossover artists in electronic music and the nurturing of future talent. Ellis was at the very forefront of iconic record label Positiva Records, who are owned by the mightly Universal Music Group. During his time at the label he helped them generate more than 80 million single sales and over 3.5 million album sales.

Armada Music is a Dutch record label collective that is the major wordwide driving force in electronic music. The label is co-founded by legendary DJ & Producer Armin Van Buuren with partners Maykel Piron and David Lewis.

An A&R (Artists and Repertoire) person is responsible for scouting and recruiting new talent for a record label or music publisher. They often act as the middle person between the artist and the label/publisher and work closely with the artist to develop their sound and style. A&R’s are also responsible for building relationships with producers, songwriters, and other industry professionals to help their artists create high-quality music.

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